Friday, March 25, 2011

The Bioregional Bash!

Active Potential Community Collective presents:
The Bioregional Bash!

The bioregional bash is an event to celebrate the activist community in the Hudson Valley. We wish to create a diverse space for people to engage in critical dialogue, network and have fun. Collectively, we realize that environmental, social, political, and economic issues are all intimately connected. We must strive to support diverse movements in order to span local, regional, and global divides. We are reaching out to local student, environmental, progressive groups in the Hudson Valley and would like your participation.

Friday April 8th
5-11 P.M

Activist fair!
Live music!

Railroad Playhouse, 27 South Water St, Newburgh, NY 12550

This is a Benefit event FOR:
Hudson Valley Earth First!
Active Potential Community Collective

It will be $10 at the door for the entire night. Proceeds will be split between hydro-fracking activism, a fund to open an infoshop space in Newburgh & other projects.

Schedule: More details to come!

5:00 - Welcome
6:00 - Hydro-Fracking workshop & discussion

Hydraulic Fracturing or "Hydrofracking" is a toxic and hazardous process of natural gas extraction which has caused irreparable damage to the environment. It has caused sickness and death in humans and animals, and made farms, homes and large tracts of land uninhabitable. Come learn more about the process and how WE can fight for a ban on hydro-fracking in NY state and the country.

8:00 - music: Mix of acoustic, folk, rock, hip hop, punk!


Stefan Fink

Chris Zoutis

Designated Dave

Pirates vs. Ninjas




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---Pirates Versus Ninjas


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


FRACK MOVIE PREMIRE / GLEN SPEY NY APR 2ND at MOUNTAINVIEW RESORT!Thanks to David Morris for letting us debut the film FIRST! at 6:30 <- Trailer

On April 2nd "Fracked" the movie will be debuting in Glen Spey, NY at MountainView Resort. The director will be present, as well as many locals becoming directly effected by the imposing threat of Hydraulic Fracturing. Embedded above is a link to the movie trailer. I hope to see you all there! come with a voice and a message!

More info:

FRACK premire showing in Glen Spey NY
APRIL 2ND Saturday 5:30 pot luck meal and movie viewing 7pm -8pm Q&A afterwards with special guests including :
David Morris: Director of "Fracked"
Mark Ruffalo: Sullivan county resident and actor. ( Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Avengers etc.)
Wes Gillingham /Catskill Mountainkeeper
Bruce Ferguson /Catskill Citizens
Pat Carullo /Damascus Citizens
Julie and Craig Sautner residents of Dimock PA

email for directions or more info .or go to :
MountainView Manor
369 High Road, Glen Spey, NY 12737
Tel. 845 856-1105

- Shawn Smith

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Governor Cuomo's speech disrupted! No Hydro-Fracking!

Governor Cuomo’s speech disrupted!

No Hydro-Fracking!


This morning Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke to a large crowd at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY about the 2011-2012 budget. I didn’t care what he was talking about, but the fact that he was having a public speech, presented me with an opportunity. My plan was 2-fold; disrupt his speech to bring much needed attention to the destructive drilling process known as Hydro-Fracking and openly challenge him to stand up to the oil and gas industry. In his speech he talked about plans for consolidation, ‘cleaning up Albany’ and jobs, jobs, jobs. He didn’t once mention the environment. He says ‘New York is open for business,’ well I say ‘No Drilling, No Compromise!’

Towards the end of Cuomo’s speech, he went off about how democracy works when people get up and do something, so I did. I went to the front of the room to present Cuomo and the crowd a banner that said “Don’t Frack with NY. Regulations will not Make Hydro-Fracking Safe!” I was quickly apprehended by a bald man in a suit and was directed to the back. Before I was escorted out I yelled ‘Cuomo, I trust in you, no hydro-fracking’ to challenge him to put the health of the people and environment before business. He heard me loud and clear.

Heralded as the solution to Global Climate Change, natural gas may actually be worse than oil and coal with respect to greenhouse gas emission when you factor in methane leakage from gas wells and the indirect carbon costs of developing, processing and transporting each fossil fuel. We have already seen how Hydro-Fracking has contaminated the air, water and soil throughout the U.S in states such as Colorado, Arkansas and neighboring Pennsylvania. We cannot allow gas companies to destroy New York. No Fracking Way!

No Drilling, No Compromise!

This action was taken in solidarity with everyone fighting against the false solutions of natural gas and the illusion of ‘safe’ hydro-fracking!

Check out the video/media coverage:





For more Info on Hydro-fracking:






Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome Back!

We are proud to announce that our "Really Really Free Market" was a great success!

Donations were brought to the church in form of clothes, shoes, pictures, a bean bag toss, books, games, and many other things we coulda sold at a garage sale for just dimes. By the end of the night, all of our donations had been ransacked, and a lot of people that came for curiosity left with a smile on their face, bags full of free stuff, and good food in their bellies!!

The APCC want to thank United Grace Methodist Church, Mrs. Max, and everyone who helped make and/or serve food for the market... It's VERY appreciated and we'll be seeing you again very soon. The owners of Grace United have agreed to let us come back once a month for more markets. The next REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET will be held February 19th at Grace United Methodist Church on Broadway in Newburgh, NY. More members and donations are WELCOME!

There's a meeting this Sunday; we'll be discussing the free markets, more ways to spread our word, and even plotting a fundraiser with some sweet bands, dancing, and a canned food drive.

If you're interested in coming, helping out, or becoming a member, comment here for more info or email us @ Cya soon!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Picnic in the Park

On August 7th, the APCC gathered in Washington Headquarters on Liberty Street in Newburgh for a Potluck/Picnic. We set up a table with FREE home cooked food, literature & zines about a variety of social/political topics, as well as blankets and toys such as; a frisbee, unicycle, juggling balls, chess and guitars to keep us busy. Outside the gates along Liberty were street musicians serenading the city which was a nice surprise for us. Although attendance was pretty low within the park, it was a great time!

This fall we are planning a REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET and invite everyone to come. The RRFM is like a yard sale with NO money. People bring unwanted items to give away and leave with something they do want. We plan to have live acoustic music, FREE food and drinks, as well as anything people bring to give away. If you would like to help with this event, please contact us directly.

We will have more details soon...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello World!

The first blog post of the Active Potential Community Collective, Huzzah!

About Us:

The Active Potential Community Collective seeks to connect local activists, artists, intellectuals, students, and workers within the Hudson Valley Bioregion.

We are individuals seeking to transform the world we live in.

What we do:

  1. Distribute alternative media
    • Disseminate films, magazines, books, pamphlets, newsletters, art & music that convey leftist attitudes.

  1. Community Education & critical dialogue
    • Encouraging everyone to be become both student and teacher within the community.
    • We will provide a forum for open discussion on socio-political-economic-environmental issues.
    • An emphasis will be placed on creating realistic, applicable solutions to these problems.

  1. Align ourselves with local interests.
    • Cooperation with local farmers and small business owners is a necessity to encourage long-term, sustainable growth.
    • Encouraging and enabling local artists to become more active and conscious within their creative process.

  1. Action oriented activity
    • Host a variety of events including concerts, workshops, speaker series, demonstrations(e.g. marches, protests, occupations)
    • Participate in certain letter writing and petition campaigns.